3 July 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 3 July 2013

This cover ticks several of my boxes; it has a touch of horror, a simple design, uses just one colour and is at an eye-grabbing angle.

 I like the simple panel flow in this page from Green Arrow drawn by Andrea Sorrentino and the colour accents use to highlight objects against the grey background. And most of all I live the fictional name of the country, Vlatava, as this was clearly inspired by Vltava which is the river that runs through Prague.

Colour accents make this cover too. Everything else about the cover is also right from the determined stances of the heroes to the barbed wire above them.

What's not to like about an enraged Batman with gadgets? This is Batman born out of murder and playing with his dark side. This is what makes him Batman.

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