10 September 2008

My new t-shirt :-)

If you read comics then you have to go to specialist comics shops as a) it is the only place you can buy most of them and b) they are such cool places!

Three of these important to me at various times over the last thirty years or so, in chronological order they ate Dark They Were and Golden Eyed, Forbidden Planet and They Walk Among Us.

Forbidden Planet is now celebrating its 30th birthday and has produced a commemorative t-shirt of one of its original designs (used on bags etc.).

Mine arrived this morning.

1 comment:

  1. Richard submitted the comment,

    "Wow - I think I still have one of those bags somewhere..!",

    but finger trouble on my iPod touch at 1am caused me to reject rather than approve it, it must be a flaw in the screen design!


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