26 September 2008

Ski champ!

I am not very good at real skiing but on the Wii Fit I now hold the family record for the advanced ski slalom :-)

I also hold the record on table tilt (beginner and advanced), jogging and some yoga poses.

Obviously I am not going to tell you about all the activities where I do not feature in the top 10, but there are a few of them :-(

One of the nice features of the Wii is the avatar that you build of yourself, called a Mii, which Wii Fit uses to the full, i.e. it looks like you doing the exercise and the people that you see around you are people that you recognise.

Each member of the family and frequent visitors have their own Mii, as do God and Satan. Wii Fit keeps reminding me that God has not done any training recently!

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