23 September 2008

Getting out more

Without the daily commute these days it is even nicer to get out of the house for a brisk walk around the local area and it is not very long before you are in amongst the grasses, flowers, bushes and trees that make a very convincing impression of the countryside. There are horses and cows too.

There are some pleasant main paths in the area, notably the tow path along the Thames and the Ham Avenues that stretch out from Ham House towards Ham Common and Petersham, but I prefer to take the quieter wilder paths.

Here the bustling tow path is just the other side of the line of trees but the only bustling you are likely to get in this field is from the horse, and he was too busy paying attention to the grass.

After forty minutes or so I return home refreshed, invigorated, often a little muddier and with a few more photographs for my local archive that help to give my walk purpose.

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