9 September 2008

How Spider Woman became a Skrull

The "Secret Invasion" of Earth by the Skrulls continues apace across the Marvel Universe line of comics. The plot is complex (though it would probably help if I read the comics in the order that I was meant to!) and throws up lots of surprises. This really is a tale that is changing the Marvel Universe forever.

What the story also does well is retell earlier familiar episodes from another perspective so that we can see how long the Secret Invasion has been in the planning and execution. This helps to bed Secret Invasion into the Marvel Universe rather than just making it seem just like the next big fight after House of M and Civil War.

Shown here is the wonderful double-page spread by Jim Cheung from The New Avengers #42 in which we learn how and when Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) was replaced by a Skrull.

An epic story with great artwork, what more could anybody want?

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