25 September 2008

Avocado, broadbeans and peas

I tend to eat and drink in London in the same places with the same friends.

For example, one of my regular nights out starts in The Clachan in Kingly Street (next to Liberty) then moves on to Aperitivo around the corner in Beak Street.

But last night I was in a different part of town with a different friend and so I had to find something different to do.

She was coming into Charring Cross and expressed the desire for something posh (chocolate Martinis ideally) so we went to The National Cafe on Trafalgar Square, part of the National Gallery complex.

It was a speculative choice but it proved to be an inspired one. The building has been updated since this drawing but has the same sophisticate feel and it has a menu to match.

I do not do salads but could not resist starting with their Summer Salad as it held the promise of avocado, broadbeans and peas; it was delicious. I tend to avoid goat's cheese too (it's a little dated now) but I wanted two light courses so followed the salad with warm goats' cheese, tomato and red onion tart. Another good choice. It was proving to be a night for making good choices.

The National Cafe is now firmly on my places-to-go list, I just need to acquire some more sophisticated friends to go with :-)

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