7 September 2008

Getting Wii Fit

We have had our Wii for about a year now, i.e. once it became available without having to pay a huge premium, and it has proved to be a big success.

Obviously the boys use it to play games that mostly seems to consist of killing or destroying things, which they enjoy immensely as do their friends when they come.

The Wii also gets used fairly regularly to watch BBC programs on the iPlayer, using its in-built browser and wi-fi connection, and for looking as photographs using its SD card reader.

But the biggest hit is Wii Fit which we all use. The training programme includes yoga, muscle workouts, aerobic exercises and balance games.

I particularly like the ski jump, ski slalom, step routines and jogging!

Bizarrely, I have foud out that I am good at yoga because I can hold poses well, like "tree" shown here (it monitors where your centre of gravity is and so knows if you are wobbling or not).

And, best of all, it has calculated my fitness age as only 36!!

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  1. Hi Matthew - Interesting about the Wii Fit, because my wife won one in a raffle. I've heard other people talking positively about it. Have not looked into it yet, but what do you need to use apart from a telly? Some sort of console?


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