13 September 2008

Slavery in the USA

Sometimes a simple fact brings a compelling insight to a complex matter. Thanks to Wirearchy · The War On Drugs (Oops, Blacks) In The USA I now know that:
There are more black men in US prisons today than there were slaves in 1840, and they are being used for the same purpose; working for private corporations at 16 to 20 cents an hour.

There is something terribly wrong about the USA and facts like this help to show this.


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  2. The previous comment makes no sense due to my most recent TIA..

    What I meant to say was:

    As someone regularly accused of being 'anti-American' I think the problem is that there is a terrible irony that a country that has stood as a beacon of justice, democracy and freedom for so many in the world is always revealed by statistics as the number one demon. I do not know how a country so full of generous, open-hearted and principled people has allowed itself to earn all the dubious world's most evil titles but I am certain it is a record that most Americans would be appalled by if they knew, but they don't as they live on a diet of media horseshit.


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