22 February 2008

First TFPL Connect meeting

TFPL Connect is a training / collaborating / networking event that builds on the success of their Bath Club and brings together people working in the public and commercial sectors.

The first event, held at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce) just off The Strand in Central London, covered the people aspects of working life in the future.

The discussion was led by Matilda Venter of PwC who presented the findings from their recent research project Managing tomorrow's people. This included some scenario planing around company organization (fragmentation v integration) and employee teaming (collectivism v individualism), which produces three possible models; Small is beautiful, Companies care and Corporate is king.

Four panellists from The Information Commissioner's Office, NHS Direct, Lovells LLP and Ashridge Management College then gave their perspectives on the three scenarios before opening the floor to discussion - which is the soul of these events.

These discussions were wide-ranging and insightful but given the complexity of the dialogue it is pointless to try and summarize what was said but I suspect that all of us filed several ideas into our grey matter where they can mix with others before surfacing later on to be applied to a business problem.

The discussions got even wider when after the main session we went down into the vaults (pictures) to carry on networking over a few glasses of wine and some nibbles (the beetroot pure was fab!). I managed to spend some time with several of the speakers as well as some friends from the Bath Club.

Overall it was an excellent event and I hope to be able to go to the other two planned for this year that will be looking at future working live from the perspectives of technology and communication.

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