7 February 2008

The view from my kitchen

The view from my kitchen idea is one that I shamelessly stole from swenglishexpat, but it's a good one! I've also experimented with photo stitching to try and get more of the garden into the picture and am reasonably pleased with the results.

We were the first occupants of the house and the garden was all just mud when we inherited it so the layout is all our fault! Too many gardens have square lawns with flower beds around the edge so we made sure that we had some variation in shape and height. Hence the two circular lawns and the variable height border around the larger lawn.

It might also surprise you to learn that it is probably the largest garden on the whole development! This is because it is an odd shaped plot on the edge of the development and is much wider than all the others. If you look carefully through the conservatory you can see that there are some shrubs immediately behind the fence. These are also part of our garden as there is something like a 1m gap between the fence and the wall that borders the development. We call this our secret garden and the square in the fence is a small door leading into it.


  1. Yes, it was a great idea that Lynda at Lulu's Bay had. I keep getting traffic from her site, people come and look out my kitchen window. Weird! You seem to have ample space, much more than I remember gardens used to have in that area.

  2. Nice bit of garden you have there! - thanks for letting me know.. I have added you to the list. This is fun!

  3. Hi Matthew. You've been tagged for a little bookie-type meme, quick and easy. Drop in and find out!

  4. Nice yard...it looks huge...do you have to water?? We have so many water restrictions that the less watering the better.

  5. This is England so normally we have enough rain :-) For the times that we don't there are some pop-up sprinklers but last year we did not need to use them and the year before that we would have liked to use them but there was a hose-pipe ban becuase of a drought here.


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