25 February 2008

Welcome to Moscow!

The trip to Moscow today went pretty well overall but was not without its moments.

The flight was fine (just over 3 hours) and I was able to catch up with some podcasts including some videos that I watched on my iPod touch.

Domodedovo Airport was interesting! Immigration was faster than I expected and there were no problems with my bag (for a change).

On exit I was confronted by a horde of taxi drivers wearing the same I-am-a-gangster black jackets that they wear in Kiev and, presumably, in many other places in Eastern Europe. Managed to negotiate these and found a working ATM soon after then got an official taxi at a bearable price.. Definitely on a roll at this point.

The exit from the airport was rather tortuous and involved walking all the way through the brand new departures hall and then taking various passageways through building works that looked just like the sort of place that Jack the Ripper would have felt at home in. Once I got outside the airport I was confronted by the view above and a long trek to where the taxi was parked.

The drive to the hotel took just over an hour and we must have changed lanes on average twice a minute. But we got here OK and now I am getting used to losing three hours from the day and ready for work tomorrow.

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