18 February 2008

I love the V&A

The V&A is comfortably my favourite museum/gallery/place in London, simply because it to so quirky. I had a bit of time to kill in London recently so I walked down there to have a mooch around. I started with the (small) Architecture section on the third floor up by the entrance, a place I often go, and then just took a few random turns along corridors and stairs to look at whatever lay that way.

For me the great strengths of the V&A are that is has such a diverse, and eclectic, collection and that this collection is spread seemingly randomly throughout was was several buildings that have never quite been convinced that they should behave as a coherent whole. This means that there is a surprise around every corner and lots of corners. You also see a lot of people standing there looking at the map with confused expressions :-)

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  1. Been at the V&A many times and know exactly how the people with maps feel! It's just like London, nobody planned it, it just grew organically.


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