24 February 2007

Stop the War march

Today I joined the tens of thousands that marched from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square to protest against the government's stance on a range of related issues, i.e. Iraq, Iran, replacing Trident and Palestine.

I went on the 2 million march when the Iraq war started and also went on some of the subsequent ones but the last march I went on was a couple of years ago when George Bush was staying in the UK. So another march was long overdue and I am very glad that I went to show how strongly I feel on these important topics.

As with previous marches, there were several discrete groups of people there. There was the age 60 plus group who are long-time protesters against all things nuclear (I am a member of CND too), lots of students and nationals from the relevant countries. Somewhat absent were the 30s/40s, they were probably too busy shopping!

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