22 January 2020

Weekly Walk: Kew and Brentford

This Wednesday I had a dentist appointment (one of many!) which meant that we could not start our walk until 11am so we decided to do a local walk to cutout the travel before and after.

The basic route was to start at Richmond Bridge, walk along the Surrey bank to Kew Bridge and come back along the Middlesex bank.

That is about a two hour walk so we mixed it up a little.

First we did a lap of Kew Gardens, we are both members, where was also paused for a coffee.

Secondly we wandered through the waterside of Brent rather than following the main road. That is the squiggly line through the "ford" part of Brentford.

We stopped at two pubs half-hoping for food but settling for beer. They were both pubs we had been to previously but not for some months or years. The Brewery Tap in Brentford was under new management and we were given a very warm welcome. The Ailsa Tavern was in a more prominent position and busier because of this but lacked the Tap's cosines.

The app dropped out at the point (or I may have forgotten to restart it!) so there is a straight line from that point to the end of the walk and the recorded distance of 15.6 km is a slight underestimate.

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