20 November 2008

My local blog is in the local newspaper

For almost two years now I have been creating an on-line archive of photos of the area that I live in. There are various reasons for this but the main one was because I could not find any local photos anywhere else.

Many of the pictures capture beautiful buildings and wild open spaces, and others capture the changes that are taking place, such as new houses and shop fronts.

Among these changes have been various schemes that are meant to improve the area but which are gradually replacing the wild areas with formal constructions and urbanity.

One of our local newspapers, the Richmond and Twickenham Times, has picked up on this and run a story based on what I have said in this blog. Hopefully a few more people will realise what is going on locally and will start to do something about it.


  1. Hi Matthew, congratulations to having become a local celebrity. Signed any autographs yet? ;-)
    It's good that there are people like you reminding the politicians of their duties and not to lose a realistic perspective on matters. Keep going!

  2. Hi Mathew,interesting your comment on development eating up the environs.It's a real disease going on here in Australia in cities like Sydney.Politicians are just interested in crowding too many people into major poulation centres and destroying the beauty and nature of the suburbs.They should be shot...Thanks Tom Hardy Australia

  3. Hi Matthew, with you on this one, the councils seem obsessed with creating vistas these days, and in the case of Ham common all they will succeed in doing is demystifying the hidden gem that is St. Andrews church ...... The whole idea that you don't see it from the Petersham road makes it appealing in it's own right, the pleasure is surely in discovery !
    What next eh ? a vista from the top of Richmond hill to the Greenwich observatory ???

    Paul M

  4. Paul, I have to respect the views of somebody who grew up locally and who has some experience with St Andrews church :-) You are exactly right, it is finding hidden places that makes Ham so interesting. It always reminds me of Rupert's adventures!


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