5 January 2020

Willoughby Pub Quiz (January 2020)

I have continued to set the questions for the Willoughby Pub Quiz every six or seven weeks as a group of us take it in turns to set the questions in return for free beer on the night we are quizmaster.

Over the years that I have been doing the quiz the way that I do it has established some sort of pattern with the twin aims of making the quiz interesting, i.e. diverse rounds, and easy for me to compile. Sometimes that works.

Recently I have had a theme for the whole quiz (apart from the final round) again with the aims of making things more fun and also easier.

This week it was trains.

Round one was questions on, er, trains, and you can see those here. Round two was music about trains, e.g. Last train to Clarksville; round three was people related to trains, e.g. IK Brunel, round four was films about trains, e.g. Unstoppable, and round five was places associated with trains, e.g. London Waterloo.

Round six was, as always, on this week's news and sport with several points available on each question.

Every time there is one round that is bit of a struggle and this time it was people connected with trains, while there are many engineers and architects associated with railways not many of them are famous and so there was no point putting them in a quiz. My get-around was to have five engineers and five people in the arts world, e.g. the authors of Railways Children and Night Train.

I used to do a picture round, and I still carry one, but as the main quiz finished around 12:30am I left it out, again. One day we'll manage to start the quiz before 11pm and then I'll have time for pictures.

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