8 January 2020

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (January 2020)

Some elements of this month's BCSA "Get to Know You" Social were very different, though the core components remained the same.

For the last few months I had been walking there and I did so again this month. That is always a good way to work up a thirst and an appetite. The cocktail we had in a nearby bar was nice but did very little to assuage our thirst, we needed beer for that.

The appearance of our usual room at the Czechoslovak Bar and Restaurant was the first indication of the major changes that had been made to the place in the month since we were last there. It had been laid out nicely for us and we were offered waiter service for the evening.

I took this picture at the start of the evening when the two of us were on our second pints well before the official start time of the social. It filled up quickly soon after that and we had to bring in additional chairs to accommodate everybody.

The menu was the other big change and we caught it as it went from one extreme, with probably over 100 dishes, to the other with just half a dozen or so, non of which was vegetarian. This month it did not matter as the beer was sufficient sustenance but I hope that the menu has gained a few more options next month.

While we talked about a lot of things over a long evening it was no surprise that Brexit was, again, the main topic of conversation and one group got quite animated on this subject. I was seriously impressed how a young journalist, there first time there, calmly dealt with my vociferous and argumentative friend who was passionately talking nonsense.

Other conversations were less heated and, as always, it was the steady flow of conversation that made the evening speed past, so much so that I ended up catching a train two later than the one I was planning for. The beers may have helped there.

I'll be back next month for more conversations, more beer and to see what further improvements have been made to the bar and restaurant.

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