9 January 2020

Unexpected win in the Pub Quiz

What started as a quiet evening stroll turned into a surprising win in a pub quiz.

The pub bit was not a surprise, I wanted a destination for the walk and I also fancied a pint so I headed for Ham Brewery Tap in Ham Street which is, not surprisingly, in the heart of Ham. When I bought the drinks I was told that a pub quiz was about to start and while I was reluctant at first I was swayed by it being free to enter and scheduled to last only 45 minutes or so.

The format was new to me and I liked it. There were 25 questions on general knowledge and a 5 x 5 grid to put the answers in. The clever bit was we each had to decide which answer to put where so if you were certain of an answer you put it in a box that is on multiple lines and if less sure then it went on a less useful square.

In this case we were sure of the first answer so wrote the question number 1 in a box in the centre (3 down and 3 across) because we were certain that Hercule Poirot was the detective in Murder in the Orient Express. We had no idea what the answer to 22 was so we put that in the square above it.

Once the 25 questions were completed we handed a carbon copy of our answer sheet to the quiz master for checking while we each marked our own sheets.

The second clever part of the quiz was that the answers were given in a different order, i.e. not 1, 2, 3, ... The aim then was to shout "Bingo!" once you had completed a line of five with the correct answers. We had about 10 right, and 2 wrong, before somebody shouted "Bingo!" but there was a second prize so we carried on.

We and another team both shouted "Bingo!" a few questions later and it came down to a tie-break question and the winner was the team closest to saying when Dr Who was first broadcast. We knew it was 1963 but the other team did not so we won the second prize of four drinks vouchers.

We will be going back to Ham Brewery Tap soon to claim our prize drinks and we will be doing the quiz again too.

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