29 January 2020

Swan Lake at Richmond Theatre was a treat

Swan Lake is the most famous ballet for a reason and I needed no excuse to see it yet again.

There was a minor issue with the booking and my usual seat was taken forcing me into the one next to it, Dress Circle A26, which cost just  £21.5 because of the safety rail slightly impeding the view.

I had forgotten that I had been promised a live orchestra so my pleasure started as soon as I arrived and saw the musicians in place at the front of the stalls.

Swan Lake then did very much what I expected it to do. The music was lovely throughout and having a live orchestra certainly helped here.

The dancing was a little unambitious and a little flaccid but it was always pretty enough and the showpiece Dance of the Cygnets was executed well.

There were some other minor niggles, such as the unhealthy physique of some of the dancers (far too thin) and the stops for applause after every little dance. The beauty of the music easily managed to soar above the weaknesses and the evening was a joyous treat, despite the ending!

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