1 January 2020

I averaged 23,908 steps a day in 2019

I last posted my annual walking stats two years ago and then my average for 2017 was 18,047, which I was very happy with.

The substantial increase since then is due to several factors but the main one is the motivation to walk more.

Oddly retirement is, I think, only a minor factor as walking to/from walk and taking a lunch break gave me a bedrock of 14k steps a day which I could then build on in the evening with walks to theatres and pubs.

A lot of the extra distance is coming in the late evening, e.g. after the theatre or pub, when I walk for walking sake, there is usually little to look at in the dark, and also to catch up on my podcasts.

I also do one long walk a week with a friend, but more on that later.

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