1 January 2018

I averaged 18,047 steps a day in 2017

Hitting 18k steps a day was never my plan and I am somewhat surprised that I managed to walk so much. Doing 20k steps in a day every so often is one thing but to average 18k is quite another.

My target on my Pedometer app is just 14k steps a day and I achieve that easily on most working days by doing 3.5k each way to/from work and 7k at lunchtime.

That means that any additional walking is a bonus. To pick one example, if I go to Rose Theatre in the evening I walk there and back and that is around 4k steps each way, turning a 14k day into a 22k day.

The walk to/from walk and my insistence on taking a lunchtime break in all weathers is the bedrock of my step counting and at weekends I often have a challenge to hit even the daily 14k target. Many a time I have had to go for a walk around 9pm to get the final 3k or 4k steps in for the day. Luckily I love walking and I have plenty of podcasts and BBC Radio dramas to keep me company.

I have not set myself a target for 2018 but I am not expecting to average 18k again. 16k would be nice though. I'll see how things go.

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