11 April 2008

Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor

On Thursday I took advantage of living within walking distance of the Pinewood studios at Teddington Lock to go and see a recording of the second series of Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor which is shown on BBC Three.

The BBC says, "this fresh new sketch show offers a raunchy look at modern life – as seen through Karen's own irreverent and lascivious eyes", which I would not argue with.

The sketches are more about situations (late night TV, on-line dating, etc.) rather than characters (in contrast to shows like Little Miss Jocelyn) and the perspective is certainly raunchy; she talks about her "tits" a lot, that's the word she uses. She also uses other words that it would be unwise to use in a blog!

The good news is that it is genuinely funny. I particularly liked the video profile for a dating service where the prospective date said that she liked smoking dope all day and then her phone goes and she answers it with, "Hello. Broadband technical help desk. " The laugh that got from the audience shows how much Karen understand the world we live in and some of the insanities we put up with.

The only minor gripe I had with the show was that the jackpot question on the 3am quiz show was the calculation square root of minus 2. OK, I'd not expect somebody who phones early morning quiz shows to know the answer but when, to make the point, the warm up man put the question to the real audience it was enthusiastically agreed that negative numbers do not have square roots. I did not feel that it was the sort of audience that would appreciate being told that root -2 is 1.41i so I kept quite while feeling sad at the general level of knowledge of mathematics in this country.

Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor is the third comedy I have seen recorded at Teddington in the last year or so but is the only one that I will bother to watch when it is shown on TV.

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  1. Sounds interesting, pity we do not have BBC3 in our cable.


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