20 April 2008

The Now Show (again)

This week's visit to a recording of The Now Show was a triumph of planning. We achieved our two main objectives (eating in Pizza Express beforehand and getting seats in the front row), our secondary objective (getting one of our jokes read out during the audience question section) and also our tertiary objective (getting one of our jokes broadcast).

The mixed news was that Hugh Dennis was missing (Boo!) because he was recording the second series of Outnumbered (Hooray!).

He was replaced this week by Jon Culshaw (Dead Ringers etc.) which was an interesting change as Jon is much better at voices whereas Hugh live is really funny (the famous raptor impressions etc.) but, obviously, a lot of this is missed by the radio audience.

For a show that bills itself as "Everything that's now, nothing that's then" it continues to have some surprisingly old references. Last time we saw them there was a parody of The Goons' Ying Tong Song and this time it was Julian and Sandy from Round the Horne. I'm old enough to get these jokes but anybody under 40 would probably be lost (do people younger than 40 listen to Radio 4?!).

The show was, as always, funnier and longer live which is why it is so worth going to see it being recorded.

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