21 April 2008

The Hulk's saga continues

The majestic Hulk saga continues.

It started with him being sent (through trickery) to another planet to protect Earth, leading a rebellion on that planet with his war bound allies, then seeking revenge on those that sent him away (in World War Hulk) and now with the Hulk back in human form (as Dr Bruce Banner) it is left to his former allies to continue the story.

One of these is Hercules (the actual Greek demi-god) and for the moment the main Hulk book has been renamed The Incredible Hercules. Here we see him fighting Ikaris of The Eternals.

The stunning cover of the latest issue was drawn by John Romita Jr. who drew both World War Hulk and The Eternals mini-series (2006).

As long as they carry on producing comics this good I'll carry on reading them!

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