2 April 2008

I'm enjoying The Apprentice

The Apprentice is definitely must-see TV and while we are only two shows in to the new series it is already looking very good. And don't forget it's sister programme, You're Fired, which interviews the person fired that week and gives more insights to the tasks and the teams.

What I like most about the programme is that there is real business in it, i.e. it is about buying, selling, pricing, invoicing, marketing, product design, etc. As a result, the programme informs as well as entertains. This is in marked contrast to the American (original) version of the programme which focuses almost entirely on in the in-team bitching and largely ignores the actual task.

The only problem is that the BBC have pitched The Apprentice against the also must-see programme Dan Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture, on BBC 2, which has to go on the recorder to be savoured later.

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