22 April 2008

Just say no?

The best thing about living in Ham is that a large part of it is still natural grass lands and woods. The white spaces in this map are all green. So it was with some dismay that I learnt of plans to "improve" some of the lovely narrow, muddy and crooked paths, shown by the colour lines in the map above. The good news is that they are consulting first but the bad news is that this is how Richmond Council are doing it.

You may have noticed that there is not a "no" option on the consultation form. So I sent them this email instead.
I use the various paths in Ham several times a week and am strongly opposed to any further work. The beauty of Ham is its natural open spaces which the Council and other agencies are gradually destroying. Tax payers' money is being spent to make things worse. The new Great South Avenue is barren, Hammerton’s Boardwalk is over engineered, the footpath along Church Road is ugly, the swathe cut through Ham Lands to extend the sight-line from Star and Garter is simple vandalism and there is far too much mowing.

Ham provides a welcome natural respite from the urban landscape, please leave it alone.
I do not honestly expect them to listen, but I had to try.

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  1. You tell them, Matthew! Make your voice heard! Leaving out the no-option is like a joke. Shame on them.


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