5 April 2008

Secret Invasion #1

Marvel Comics is really on top form with three epics running in the Hulk, X-Men and Avengers lines. Secret Invasion is the third of these and the illustration is the cover of issue #1 which shows the Avengers as Skrulls, the shape-shifting aliens who have been part of the Marvel Universe for many years.

The Secret Invasion is the invasion of Earth by the Skrulls who have taken the place of some notable people. This was discovered when Elektra was killed in New Avengers and she reverted to her natural Skrull form. Now the questions are how many other people are really Skrulls, when were they replaced and what is the Skrulls' plan?

Not a question is whether to read the comic or not. The story is epic is scale, time and impact and is superbly delivered by Brian Michael Bendis (words) and Leinil Yu (art). At a time when comics have so much to offer this series still manages to stand out.

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