28 April 2008

Beers, lots of beers

I am an occasional visitor to beer festivals and have been to the London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival in Camden and the Great British Beer Festival in Earls Court several times, so it was good to be able to go to one closer to home.

The beer festival at The Willoughby Arms is a lot of fun. It obviously has fewer beers than the larger festivals but 40 to choose from is more than enough for most people so that is not an issue.

The big positive point is that it is held in a regular pub, and a good pub at that, rather than a cavernous hall. Put simply, your local pub goes from having a few good real ales to choose from to having 40, and that is clearly a good thing.

I tried a couple of beers new to me (most of them I had not had before, despite my best endeavours in that direction) and then settled on Ranmore Ale from Surrey Hills.

Overall it was an excellent event, and I only have to wait until Halloween for the next one!

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