26 April 2014

The Lego House, inspired by Lego!

There is a virtuous circle here that is just too good to let pass by. It starts and ends with Lego.

Like most people I played with Lego as a child and then I bought lots more when my children were younger. I also took them to Legoland in Windsor a couple of times and also to the heart of the empire, Legoland in Billund, Denmark where we stayed in the Legoland hotel for a couple nights.

Now BIG Bjarke Ingels Group enter the story. They are a company of Danish architects that I discovered thanks to a TED Talk that Bjarke Ingels gave in 2009. In this he mentioned their Yes is More comic book that I bought. This describes some of their projects and the thinking behind them.

Then Lego wanted to build a new centre at Billund and BIG won the competition to design it. They had earlier considered a design for a tower block based on Lego bricks so what better to use for Lego themselves?

The new Lego House looks fantastic and I am waiting for some grandchildren so that I can have an excuse to go there.

To complete the circle, Lego have produced a Lego set of the Lego House that was inspired by Lego. Brilliant!

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