13 April 2014

It takes an hour to walk around Kew Gardens

Another Sunday morning visit to Kew Gardens but this time with a difference.

Usually I go there to look at something but this time I was with a friend and the only thing on the agenda was exercise.

We got to Lion Gate, him walking me by bus, just before it opened at 9:30 and joined the small queue. Once in we walked all around the outside clockwise. Mostly this meant sticking to one of the main paths but we took a slight detour around Kew Palace to cover more distance and also, surprisingly, too see the garden there. We also went through the Duke's Garden, following the horseshoe path, and behind the Temple of Aeolus for the same reasons.

The only diversion we took was early on when the flash of red called us across to the Japanese Landscape.

We got back to Lion Gate very close to 10:30am, almost exactly an hour after we started. I walk at a fairly predictable 1km in 10 minutes so that makes the walkable circumference pretty close to 6km.

That was a good way to start the day, though the people I know who were running the London Marathon at the same time may feel that they were doing a bit more.

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