9 April 2014

Open Mic night at the Grey Horse (9 April 14)

No excuses for leading with a picture of Catherine Paver again this week. She always makes an effort to dress the part and this week she had a new snakeskin jacket to show off.

I spoke to her after her set about her influences (don't real interviewers do that?) and we discussed TV shows like The High Chaparral and The Virginian. Classics.

But I digress and should go back to the beginning.

Earlier that evening had been to a very unrewarding meeting and I needed something to perk me up and the Open Mic night at the Grey Horse certainly did that.

There were a few adventures with the beer. Young's Ordinary was off so I started with the Brains before moving on to the Naked Ladies. The beer helped.

The music helped too. It was much as it always is, and that is a good thing, with the usual artists playing music in their usual styles. Not sure that I've heard Yes Sir, I can Boogie by Baccara covered before.

This is one of the regular acts Ben Henderon and his partner whose name I've not learnt yet. The same goes for the Brummie lady who sang the Baccara song and who I had a talk with afterwards.

It has just struck me that most of the performers seem to be teachers!

The formula for the evening was just as it always is with fine music and plenty of socialising with performers and audience alike. That's why I keep going.

To end on a bum-note, it looks as though the Grey Horse is going to become a gastro-pub and the music will end. That's really bad news and I just hope that the Open Mic night can find somewhere else to play.

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