12 April 2014

NeMeSiS thrash the Fox and Duck

NeMeSiS are not quite my thing but they are still worth popping in to the local pub to see on an otherwise free Saturday night.

They are not quite my thing because they are on the thrashy side of rock and, to me, that makes the songs sound much the same. So, for example, when they played Rockin' in the Free World the guitar solo sounded nothing like anything Neil Young has ever done.

On the plus side, they do play songs like Rockin' in the Free World and also established rock cover band classics like Wishing Well, Jumping Jack Flash, Whole Lotta Rosie, and (obviously) Smoke on the Water.

There were a lot of my favourites in their set and in the end the plus side won me over. NeMeSiS entertained.

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