2 April 2014

Open Mic night at the Grey Horse (2 April 14)

The Open Mic nights at the Grey Horse are become a regular feature in my social life, and for good reasons.

The Grey Horse is an easy walk away, the acts are varied and interesting, there is a real buzz in the place and several people that I know also go so it is a social event too.

And the more I go the more I get to know some of the regular performers.

This week we were in the Ram Jam Club room behind the pub, rather than the usual front bar. It was probably better for the performers to have a proper stage, sound system and lights and the only minor drawback was the need to go to the pub from time-to-time to refresh my supply of Young's Ordinary.

It was also organiser Maria Ahearn's birthday so we got to sing "Happy Birthday" a few times. And there was cake! Sadly she did not sing this time.

Catherine Paver did sing and very well too. She is usually on towards the end of the programme so I had managed to see her a few times before and she had impressed me each time. She sings her own songs that are well structured and lyrical.

Her main oeuvre is the Wild West and she was dressed accordingly. Of course the music was the main part of the performance but her appearance and movement added to the entertainment.

She ended her three-song set confidently with an unaccompanied ballad.

I managed to speak to Catherine afterwards to say how much I loved her songs and to try and explain why. I am sure that I did not do her justice then or now.

The fates are being good to me at the moment and I should be able to get to more Open Mic nights in the coming weeks.

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