29 March 2014

Echoes at The Fox and Duck (March 2014)

Echoes are one of the regulars at the Fox and Duck that I try and catch every time that they play there, because they are always good.

I had to rush a little this time as Hunger Games: Catching Fire lasted longer than I expected but my timing was impeccable and I walked through the door of the pub just after 9pm to the opening chord from In The Flesh?. Echoes always open with this as it starts with the lines, "So ya. Thought ya. Might like to go to the show."

As always with Echoes the pub was pretty full and having fought my way to the bar to get a pint of Doombar I then moved around the front-left where there was still space to stand with a decent view of the band.

For most of the next three hours Echoes delighted the pub with their version of some of Pink Floyd's greatest songs (there are a lot to choose from) including almost all of Dark Side of The Moon and large chunks of The Wall.

That was exactly what the crowd wanted and there was plenty of movement (it would be a little generous to call it dancing) and singing along. I'll admit to the later.

Despite the somewhat less than ideal acoustics the sound quality was excellent and there was a good balance between all the instruments. One of Pink Floyd's strengths is the richness of their music and it needs all the instruments to be heard in order to reproduce this.

A slightly reduced version of Echoes was my highlight, and not for the first time either. It got me thinking that Echoes ought to have a go at Atom Heart Mother sometime.

To make the evening even better I was there with a couple of friends, met a few more people that I know and had the chance to speak to a couple of the band.

I have seen Echoes several times now so I know what to expect from them. And it is because that I know what to expect from them that I have seen them several times. I will be seeing them again too.

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