23 March 2014

Walking with friends in Kew Gardens (March 2014)

My previous visit to Kew Gardens had been to see the orchids exhibition and this time it was just an excuse for a walk with friends on a Sunday morning in a beautiful location.

Our simple aim was to find some Spring colour so we headed first towards the Palm House and the spectacular Parterre in front of it.

The flowers continued on the other side of the path where they were captured in a neat line to mark the edge of the formal lake-with-no-name.

There was plenty of colour in the Rock Garden and while the flowers were small and delicate they more than made up for that in their brightness.

From a distance the Rock Garden just looks like a pile of large rocks and perhaps that is why it is always a relatively quiet part of Kew. You have to get in among the rocks and pause to find  for flowers like these.

I cannot go to the east side of Kew Gardens without stopping off at the Orangery for a coffee and a cake and this time was no exception. From there we headed north-west towards White Peaks and on the way passed this field of flowers.

The bare trees on the far side looked on jealously as Spring had yet to fulfil their promise. Their time would come.

From White Peaks, a gentle stroll South took us back toward the Palm House and this time we walked through it. I must have taken hundreds of photographs over the years in the main Kew glasshouses of structural plants against a structural background of metal and glass. Here is another one.

And that was it, apart from a little shopping in Victoria Plaza where everything in the London Transport Museum Collection looked enticing. We already had a few things from that collection between us, I had a Kew Map Bag For Life, but there was always room for a few more.

Every visit to Kew Gardens is a delight and this one was no exception.

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