12 March 2014

The Lib Dems are deceitful

While the Lib Dems try to appear nice and cuddly in the media their election machinery reveals their true nasty and deceitful heart, as anybody who has engaged with them in an election can tell you.I present the latest issue of North Kingston Focus as an example of the deceitful tricks that they play.

The bar chart on the right claims that it is "so close here" and the height of the yellow and blue bars reinforces that as the difference in height between them is barely visible. But a closer look shows that the gap between the parties is actually 6.9%, which is almost twice the size of the red bar.

It is no surprise that some people struggle with numerical information and statistics when one of our governing political parties deliberately misrepresents data in this way.

This sort of public deceit for self-interested political ends should be illegal. It is certainly a good reason for never trusting the Lib Dems and for never voting for them.

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