20 March 2014

Tories make a mess of Budget 2014 on Twitter

What was in political terms a rather dull budget sparked in to life when Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps, made rather a mess of things when he posted this picture on Twitter.

Making a political point of the populist measures of cutting taxes on bingo and beer is understandable enough but where the message failed was on how it was told.

Here the problem is the patronising use of the word "they" which just reinforces the us and them attitude that politicians are often accused of.

Twitter immediately took to the challenge of mocking this and the parodies quickly came flooding in using the hashtag #torybingo.

These are just two of the ones that caught my eye.

Think you can do better?

Those decent chaps at Political Scrapbook have produced a web application that lets you generate your own, try it here.

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