28 March 2014

Saying farewell to Twisted Candy at The Queen's Head

I had only managed to catch Twisted Candy once before, in November 2012 at The Maypole, so when they announced their farewell gig at The Queen's Head I rushed to get there as soon as my theatre date finished.

So did a few other people and the pub was pretty busy and there were a few people dancing and singing along.

For the record, Twisted Candy were Becky McCormack (Bex) vocals, Dennis Brill bass, Dave Wilson lead guitar and Lee Duffell drums.

Their selection of music was much the same as the last time that I saw them, that is I recognised little of it apart from the Led Zeppelin. Luckily they played two Led Zep songs while I was there. The other songs sounded all right but lacked the familiarity needed for them to excite me.

I could still admire their musicianship and they certainly impressed in that regard.

Sadly they did not have any lights, apart from the usual pub lights, and it was pretty dark in there. I do not like to use flash (it bleaches the shot) so I had to make do with a dark picture and some electronic adjustments.

This was their farewell concert as Bex was leaving to live and work abroad. I hope that the other three carry on in some form as they are a skillful and solid rock trio, they just need to get a good singer from somewhere.

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