26 March 2014

Admiring machines that work at night

I got my journey back from Baker Street horribly wrong but managed to make the most of a bad job.

I got on the 371 bus from Richmond assuming that it would be passing through Ham on its way to Kingston but I had paid no attention earlier to all the notices and bollards that announced that the road through Petersham would be closed overnight for resurfacing.

The 371 got to the bottom of Star and Garter Hill and then, unexpectedly, turned back towards Richmond. I, and a few others, baled out just as it turned and continued along the normal bus route on foot.

The reason for the road closure was soon apparent with a clutch of big machines busying themselves outside the Fox and Duck.

The road was closed for about a mile, all the way back to Ham Common, and I was able to walk down the middle of it safe in the knowledge that there were no cars coming.

It was dry, I like walking and I like machines too, so the disappointment of an abandoned bus ride was quickly replaced with the joy of the unusual experience.

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