4 September 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 4 September 2013

The interior art on Django Unchained by R.M. Guera tries to capture something of the feel of the film without copying it directly, and I think it works. This is leading up to the climax where Django purposefully approaches the plantation house to seek his revenge.

This month is villain month in DC comics with all superheroes titles renamed after one of the hero's adversaries, and so Batman Detective Comics has become Poison Ivy. The covers have a common theme too with the villain triumphant in the foreground and the hero trapped in the background.

I do not normally like covers that make a point of sex-appeal and I have only made an exception in this case because it is such a strong pose and I love the green.

Some of the villain covers are printed with a 3D effect and, obviously, these are very collectible. So I am delighted that Raygun Comics saved a copy of Cyborg Superman (a.k.a. Action Comics) for me.

It's not a title that I normally read but, as luck would have it, I had already read the preview and had decided to include this page by Mike Hawthorne in this selection (I had 85 pages to choose from) because of the use of many small panels to tell the story. They are nice panels too with a strong Brainiac overseeing the creation of Cyborg Superman. Now I can read the full story.

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