21 September 2013

Who Are You? at The Fox and Duck

I have never been a great fan of the Who and I don't think that I have ever bought anything of theirs (though home taping gave me a few things like Tommy) but they did do a few songs that I like and there was nothing much else happening on a Saturday night so I went to The Fox and Duck in Petersham to catch Who Are You?

I was not keen enough to get there for the start of the show and I happened to arrive in the interval which gave me enough time to find a good place to stand and to confirm that the Doombar was not really drinkable.

Who Are You? surprised me by being a five-piece band, complimenting the expected line-up with some keyboards.

The sound surprised me a little too with the lead guitar mixed a little low letting the rhythm section dominate. Given that the Who are all about Pete Townsend that was a little weird.

Less of a surprise was my lack of knowledge of some of the songs though Who Are You? know what they were doing and ended their set with Won't Get Fooled Again (my favourite), My Generation and Substitute. That got the audience, almost all blokes my age, singing and tapping though the pub lacked the young women that it sometimes has to get us dancing too.

Who Are You? were never going to win me over completely simply because they played Who songs but within that constraint they did a mighty fine job of keeping me entertained.

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