18 February 2011

BCSA "Get to know you" Social

There must be a slight risk of me becoming predictable or even, heaven forbid, a little boring.

The second Wednesday of the month is the usual date of the BCSA "Get to know you" Social where a few of us gather to chat, eat and drink. Elements of my evening are so repetitive that they are becoming recognised traditions.

I start the evening with a pint of Pilsner Urquell in a jug.

I dally over the menu, size up the options and then choose Smazeny Syr anyway. The waitress knows that I am going to do this before I do.

As the evening progresses I go on to bottled Zlaty Bazant which comes with its own special glass which I am always amazed has not walked out under somebody's jacket.

At some point my camera comes out and I experiment with the settings and with composition. This is sepia.

The evening starts reasonably early and I am normally there a little before 7pm but it is always a rush to catch the train that goes just after 11pm. Seasonal timetable changes are a big risk here but there is always the long way home via the tube if I do miss the last train.

The shape and form of the evening is familiar but what makes the evenings special is the different mix of people that come each month and the different conversations that flow as a result.

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