11 September 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 11 September 2013

I am not normally a fan of "standard" superhero covers so it takes one as good as this to make my weekly selection. This cover is all about Zod, the restrained Superman in the background is interesting but largely irrelevant. Zod dominates the cover with his force, his passion, his stance, his eye beams and his red outfit.

A wonderfully simple picture that manages to combine a cosy family scene with tangible menace.

Federal Bureau of Physics has appeared here before but then it was called Collider; the name change after the first episode was prompted by a trademark dispute. The shock of electric blue says that this is not a conventional comic and that alone makes the comic stand out and I like the sparing use of a few other colours.

Another delightfully Batman and one that manages to present a simple image and a lot of detail at the same time. The first impression is of the dark snarling face behind the rust-red cowl. It takes a moment to see the strange blue landscape behind and a little longer to appreciate that the lighter blue blobs are people. My cover of the week.

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