18 September 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 18 September 2013

The wow-factor from the front page of Justice League America #7.3 (a.k.a. Shadow Thief #1) comes from the view point with the city laid out below the falling figure. I don't think that the promise of the first page is carried through the rest of the comic but that does not matter to me as I am just looking for single pages with visual impact and this one has that.

Another internal page, this time from Fables #133 by Mark Buckingham. The colours hit first with the blue/green story panels flanked by the contrasting yellow/orange borders. The next point is the progression of the three panels which grow in size as the page heads towards its climax. Finally, it is the style of the artwork with its simple construction and strong lines building on the tradition of Jack Kirby and, personal favourite, Keith Giffen.

DC is all about villains at the moment and I think that is working very well. Each cover has a dominant baddie and I've chosen this one of The Penguin because he has often been portrayed as a comedy villain but here he shows real malevolence.

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