14 September 2013

The Peter Ackroyd Thames Pub Crawl 2013

Days out in London do not get much better than this.

Having done the Grey Soul and Thin Veil walks a total of four times I was invited by the organisers to join the grand end of season celebration with the entirely correct title The Peter Ackroyd Thames Pub Crawl.

This took a group of around twenty of us Westminster to Rotherhithe via ten, yes ten, pubs. On the way we listened to many prepared stories and had a few unplanned adventures.

Thanks to FourSquare I know that the pubs we went to were St. Stephens Tavern, The Sherlock Holmes, Mulberry Bush, Doggett's Coat & Badge, The Anchor, The Rake, Liberty Bounds, The Bridge House, The Angel and The Mayflower. That was quite an eclectic mix from pubs where only tourists go to those where we got a funny look for not being regulars.

The unplanned adventures included photos with a hen party, a group of coloured animals, a wheelchair, the raising of Tower Bridge just as we were approaching the centre and  musical boats.

It was a rich and fascinating day and it was so good that I did not mind finding myself in Rotherhithe at 10pm having had seven pints. Luckily my iPhone knew the way home.

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