2 February 2010

Twitter exposes local Lib Dems

There is so much about this story for me to like that I just have to pass it on with a broad grin on my face :-))

I have never liked the local Lib. Dems. having been forced to mix with them, and to fight against them, when I was more involved in local politics around twenty years ago. I found their attitude very juvenile with all the emphasis on getting elected and none on policies or beliefs. Their get-elected-at-any-cost tactics included inventing scare stories that apparently had to be dealt with urgently but, amazingly, not until a Lib. Dem. MP was able to turn up for a photo opportunity.

In contrast, one thing I do like is technology and the way that it can be used to connect people and share information even on the move.

So when a mobile phone with a camera and Twitter combined to expose another Lib. Dem. trumped up scare story then my delight was two-fold and immense.

The rest of the story is taken directly from the famous Guido Fawkes' blog simply because he says everything that I want to say.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

A big round of applause to the Liberal Democrat activist Dan Falchikov who spent an entire train journey mouthing off about how he stirred up a rumour that had been picked up by the press about the closure of Kingston Hospital. Richmond MP Susan Kramer quickly got a campaign up but little did Mr Falchikov realise he was infact sitting opposite the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, who was commuting in from his million pound suburban mansion:

On train a bloke’s boasting on mobile he got Evening Standard to claim Lab has secret plans to shut Kingston Hospital - 9:57 AM Jan 27th

He’s “a manifesto to write”. Tory? Wearing Hibs scarf. Clocking his details. May sneak photo to track down. Or could always ask! -10:01 AM Jan 27th

This is the Kingston hospital scare bloke. Anyone know him? He’s a loud mouth in public places http://tweetphoto.com/9705183 - 11:42 AM Jan 27th

Ta all Tweeters. Hospital phone man ID’d as Lib Dem activist Dan Falchikov. He should stop SHOUTING on trains - 3:22 PM Jan 27th from web

Clearly a fan of EyeSpyMP, Maguire snapped the loose lipped liberal and plastered his first name and photo across Twitter. He was soon identified. No where is safe anymore… the walls really do have ears (and cameras).

Kramer is up against Zac Goldsmith’s extremely well funded campaign and is obviously feeling the heat if she is fighting so dirty that she has stooped to having her campaigners make stuff up. Goldsmith has jumped on the story unsurprisingly. Once again it is another blow to the image of the Liberal Democrats as fluffy and nice that Clegg and Cowley Street constantly spin. On the ground the yellow team are spiteful and vicious.

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