4 February 2010

2000AD Prog 1670

For reasons that I find hard to understand, not everybody reads 2000AD every week, despite the consistently excellent stories and art, so there is still some work to do to educate you all.

The easy way to do this is to show you the front cover of the latest issue, Prog 1670, which is drawn by the unbelievably good Clint Langley who has featured here more than once before.

This is exactly what an evil robot should look like.

What you cannot see here (because it's not on the 2000AD website) is the equally good back cover which shows Volkhan's compatriots, including Mek Quake and Blackblood. They are pretty evil too!

Pat Mills deserves an honourably mention as well as he invented the ABC Warriors longer ago that both of us probably like to admit to, he's still writing cracking stories about them and he was immensely approachable, nice and stimulating when I met him at the recent Comica event.

2000AD is still the galaxy's best comic.

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