17 February 2010

Terrorism and healthcare

For every 1 person who dies in a terrorist attack globally, 59 people in US die due to lack of healthcare.
This message came to me today, as many things do now, via Twitter and it made an immediate impact because it is a simple message presented dramatically.

So praise then to the author (We Love Datavis) who managed to combine two current political stories in to one in a way that the contrast between them is shown starkly.

I sympathise with the politics too. Poor healthcare kills more people than terrorism but guess where all the money is going?

It also highlights the double-think by the right-wing in the USA. They don't want healthcare because it means giving a slightly bigger role for the government and this is clearly liberal / socialist / communist / the end of civilisation as we know it, but they'll gladly spend far more on defence which is run by, er, the government!

Hopefully a few simple messages like this repeated regularly will help to improve the standard of the debate.

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