19 February 2010

Chinese lanterns

Last Sunday was Valentine's Day and so love was the theme of the Willoughby Pub Quiz with the questions set by Rick himself.

Luckily the questions were not too lovey-dovey and the small team of just Pete and myself were able to triumph in a close fought, and it has to be said, fun contest.

Our prizes were well up to the usual standard being something topical from the pound shop. If I tell you they carried the label "slap & tickle" then I think you'll get the picture.

We also had a rather more successful bonus prize of a Chinese Lantern each and the pub decamped into the beer garden to launch them spectacularly over Kingston. We watched them for awhile as they rose slowly and drifted languidly south through confused clouds to meet an unknown fate.

I don't know if the lanterns will appear again next week but I do know that I will not be winning one as I'm setting the questions!

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