18 February 2010

Keeping busy with Czech stuff

The BCSA continues to keep me busy and entertained as a reward.

We had an Executive Committee meeting last week which was pleasingly straightforward with progress being made on arranging several tempting events including (working backwards) the Annual Dinner (November), Summer Garden Party (June), Annual General Meeting (April) and next talk (March).

These meetings are informal, convivial and productive so I don't mind committing a few evenings a year to them.

The monthly socials (second Wednesday of each month) at the Czechoslovak National House are on form at the moment and I'm really enjoying them. Each month we get around a dozen people there, some old and some new, and a lively conversation starts without much prompting.

As always, I have to apologise for not speaking Czech/Slovak and then explain that I'm there because I worked in Prague for a couple of years around eighteen years ago, fell in love with the place and have taken every opportunity to go back since. I still have the photos from my last trip there in October on my iPod touch and there is usually some excuse to dip into some of them during the evening.

Also as always, I refueled on smazeny syr (that's fried cheese for most of us) and a few pints of Pilsner Urquell served in jugs.

The clock is always a good judge of an evening and if you get there at 6:30 and the next milestone is running for the last train at 11:30 then you know it's worked. No doubt I'll be doing the same at the next one on 10 March.

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